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Wpbr: what requirements must a security officer meet?

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Through the severe shortage of security guards unfortunately we see more and more that untrained and non-certified security guards are used for the security of events. This is against the Wpbr and endangers the safety of visitors. What exactly is the Wpbr? En what requirements must a security guard actually meet? We'll tell you more about it in this article. 

Security guard is a protected profession

A security guard is, just like a doctor, lawyer or healthcare psychologist, for example protected profession: You may only use this title if you meet certain requirements. These requirements are stated in the Private Security Organizations and Investigation Agencies Act (Wpbr). Only if a security guard meets these requirements will he or she receive a security pass from the police and may he or she call himself a security guard. 

Activities reserved for security guards

Due to the acute shortage of security guards, we see event organizers coming up with creative solutions. They deploy personnel under job titles such as 'atmosphere manager' or 'event supervisor'. When this type of personnel performs work that is reserved for security guards, it is against the law. 

Examples of activities reserved for security guards:

  • monitoring the safety of persons or property
  • guard against disturbance of order and peace on sites and in buildings
  • access control
  • search of visitors or staff
  • act against disturbances
  • guarding artists' dressing rooms

When an employee performs this type of security work without having a security pass, there is a violation of the Wpbr. The Justice Department can then impose a fine of up to thousands of euros on the event organizer. A security organization that cooperates in this can also lose its permit.

What requirements must a security guard meet according to the Wpbr?

What requirements must an employee meet in order to receive a security pass and be allowed to call themselves a 'security guard'? The Wpbr summarize these requirements as skilled and reliable

Competent means that the protection officer is able to perform his or her profession properly and to deliver good quality. Both employees and managers in the security industry must have this established diplomas:

  • Security guards must complete the Mbo-2 training Security guard 2 have completed
  • Catering and event security guards can instead follow training courses for catering and event security guards of at least the same level, for example the training to Event Security Officer (ESO).

Trustworthy is about the honesty and credibility of a person. A security guard must be honest and handle confidential information properly. Moreover, a security guard may not be violent or aggressive. For that reason, people who want to become security guards screened by the police. During this screening, the exam certificate checked. Does the person pass the screening successfully? Then he or she will receive a security pass. This also applies to both employees and managers in the security industry. 

Dutch Crowd Security only works with 'real' security guards

Naturally, as a professional security agency, we only work with personnel who meet the requirements from the Wpbr and who can therefore rightfully call themselves 'security guards'. You can read more information about the Dutch Crowd Security at 'about us'.

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