Prevent calamities with professional object security
With object surveillance from Dutch Crowd Security you ensure that your organization is protected at all times against theft, destruction or other calamities that may occur during and outside office hours.
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What is object security?

Object monitoring preventively ensures the safety of your organization. By a professional security company such as Dutch Crowd Security, you can be sure that employees and visitors feel safe at all times and that business processes can continue.
Object security includes performing porter, reception, and security services. By carrying out inspection rounds, situations are identified and acted upon in a timely manner that could cause damage to the object.

Object security guards from Dutch Crowd Security

The use of an object security guard protects your company against vandalism, fraud and vandalism during and outside office hours. The object guards of Dutch Crowd Security monitor your business park, office buildings, and other objects by patrolling control rounds at random and regular times. The object security officers are trained to identify dangerous and suspicious situations. 

They respond adequately and in the right way, so that your business premises, site and property remain protected. Even if you have an alarm system, it is wise to activate object security so that they come to the location when the alarm goes off. Sounding an alarm is not without risks, it is better to leave this to the trained object security guards of Dutch Crowd Security. Do you want to protect your company, employees and property against theft, possible violence and vandalism? Contact us for customized object monitoring. This allows you to enter and leave your valuable belongings with peace of mind. 

Benefits of object security by Dutch Crowd Security

Executing the reception services, access control en visitor registration: Many organizations work with a reception to welcome visitors, to register them and to keep uninvited guests out. Our security guards provide a warm welcome and are the calling card for your organization.
Carrying out emergency assistance in case of accidents. All our security guards are trained in First Aid and BHV and can provide immediate assistance in the event of an accident. This way you are assured that there is always someone nearby who can step in when accidents occur.
Performing check rounds. The security guards make inspection rounds at various times during the day to ensure safety in and around the building (or grounds).
Carrying out fire and closing rounds to prevent calamities outside working hours. After closing time you want to be able to close the door behind you with peace of mind. They check whether windows and doors are closed properly and check for fire hazards.
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Hire object security
Are you looking for a professional security guard for your organization? Our trained object security officers are ready to provide you with the best service. 

We are your partner in security and together we provide a security plan that responds to the needs of the building, the employees and any visitors. We are available 24/7 to provide your company with the best service.

Hire Collective Object Security?

Business parks, port areas and shopping centers usually choose to secure their premises by means of a security camera and an electronic alarm system. This is mainly done because it is a one-off investment, which means that the property is secured for years to come. Nevertheless, people notice that in addition to camera surveillance and an alarm system, there is a greater need for human security in the form of a doorman or object security. In this case, companies can opt for collective security, in which the costs are divided among the companies that use it. Hire security for a event, company, object or museum? At security company Dutch Crowd Security, we are happy to provide you with customized security for your company, project or event. Feel free to contact us.

predictive profiling

In all our security solutions we use so-called predictive profiling: the early recognition and signaling of striking behaviour. So also with object security. This allows us to estimate in time whether action needs to be taken. This way of working prevents many calamities, also with object security. You can recognize our security guards by their confident attitude, attentive eye and professional outfit. They are ready in any situation.

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our security company and object security

Dutch Crowd Security was founded in 2011 and has since grown into the biggest and best security company from The Netherlands. Dutch Crowd Security is the expert in security and works together with more than 200 screened and certified security guards (in both a permanent core and a flexible shell) who are happy to guarantee your safety.

As a professional security company, we are certified by the Ministry of Security and Justice and we meet all standards set in the Keurmerk Event Security, the Keurmerk Security and ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We offer security services tailor-made throughout the Netherlands and secure a variety of events, companies, projects and individuals. We regularly work together with permanent partners to also solve major issues. This means we can be used flexibly for both small and large assignments.
Our object surveillance activities ensure that your property is preventively protected against theft and/or damage. We work in major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and also in smaller cities throughout the Netherlands. We tailor our work to the personal needs of your company. Based on the specific situation surrounding your object, we draw up a tailor-made security plan. This way we can use our services optimally and efficiently.
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Do you want to know more about our service object security? Watch our video.

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Frequently asked questions about Object security

Are there costs associated with requesting a quote for object security?

No, you can request a quote from us without obligation hire security. We like to think along about the right security solution and we do this by first getting to know you and your organization.

Why object surveillance?

An object security guard is hired to maintain safety, prevent crime and give employees and/or customers a sense of security.

What does an object security guard do?

For example, an object security officer protects your company. The security guard protects the building against burglary, but also against vandalism. They secure the company during and outside opening hours.

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Trusted and deployed by 5.000 + satisfied clients.
'We have deployed Dutch Crowd Security as a permanent partner and will continue to deploy its services in the field of Safety, Security and Security to our full satisfaction. From management to executive positions, Dutch Crowd Security supplies qualified, professional, hospitable and reliable employees. RAI Amsterdam is unburdened and assisted in a professional, solution-oriented and effective manner on all its (capacity) issues in the field of safety. Our experiences with regard to the cooperation, the method of organization, communication, flexibility, dynamic deployment and the professionalism of the employees of Dutch Crowd Security have always lived up to expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend Dutch Crowd Security and are happy to act as a reference.'

Teije Sas - Project Manager Security - RAI Amsterdam

'Our experiences with regard to the cooperation, the method of organisation, communication, flexibility, commitment and professionalism of the employees of Dutch Crowd Security can be called particularly good. We wholeheartedly recommend Dutch Crowd Security and are happy to act as a referent.'

Hans van Heteren - Security Team Leader - Spaarne Gasthuis

'We were looking for a permanent security partner to complement our (night) reception team. The contact with Dutch Crowd Security was immediately pleasant and professional. Dutch Crowd Security can switch quickly and provides pleasant and reliable employees. We are now going to renovate our hotel and they also play a role in that. On to a long-term collaboration!'

Saskia Breuls – Hotel van Oranje

'We were looking for a security company that could support us in maintaining and guaranteeing safety within our clinic. Dutch Crowd Security stood out because of the fast response time, the tailor-made advice, professionalism and discretion. DCS takes into account the target group and culture of our clinic and adjusts its security accordingly. An extra plus was that they could promise us that every security guard who comes to support us has experience in the healthcare sector. DCS can deliver the delicate and reserved, but decisive approach that is needed in clinics and hospitals. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.'

Chaima el Bouchteli – Business Controller – OMC Zaandam

'There was a great ad hoc demand for the use of extra security. We have explored the possibilities for this and have become acquainted with Dutch Crowd Security. This was a very positive experience. The communication lines are short and they know all their employees personally, so we really got a tailor-made offer. Dutch Crowd Security thinks in terms of solutions, switches quickly and is very professional. This experience has made us decide to appoint them as a permanent partner from 2022.'

Carlijn Kuiper – Team Leader Facilities & Security – Spaarne Gasthuis

'Deployment of security was necessary during the Corona outbreak. Contacted Dutch Crowd Security (DCS), after which we entered into a partnership. DCS has been able to switch and set up security at 32 hardware stores in a very short time. This was set up to our full satisfaction, with very pleasant contact and clear agreements being made and fulfilled. Communication during and after the deployment of security has been experienced as very pleasant.'

Roy Engel - Bourrelier Group

'Due to the introduction of the current corona measures, we had to think about deploying staff to enforce this measure. However, our own staff is not trained to manage this properly and we need these people in their 'normal' position. In the end, we chose to deploy security guards from DCS. Dutch Crowd Security can also switch quickly, provides excellent services and service and always meets the agreements. We are very satisfied with Dutch Crowd Security as our security partner.

Dennis Wentel – Aldi Zaandam

We like to work together with Dutch Crowd Security in addition to our own steward commitment. It is quick and easy to switch and agreements are kept. A very nice party that takes the relationship and the work seriously!

Nora Bijen - Johan Cruyff Arena

For us, Dutch Crowd Security is the security partner that suits a fast-growing organization like Bird. They can switch quickly, provide a very professional tailor-made service and are very discreet and extremely professional. Everything is negotiable, they think along and know how to place security guards who also fit our corporate culture.

Dave Valkenburg-Bird

In the spring of 2020 we were confronted with many unwanted guests in our company. After a short online search, I came across Dutch Crowd Security. Within 2 hours after sending the message via the contact form, contact was made. They switched quickly and the correct security measures were applied. The service was very well tailored to our company and we are very enthusiastic about Dutch Crowd Security. Professional company with the right image!

Tristan Dekker – Dream Parks

Dutch Crowd Security was recommended to us. There was / is direct contact with staff who know what they are talking about. They think along and provide non-binding advice. We are very satisfied with the cooperation because of the many and direct contacts. There are short lines and we can always switch quickly so that changes or problems can be resolved quickly.' We are very satisfied with Dutch Crowd Security as our security partner.

Yuri Wankum – Renaissance

Dutch Crowd Security has proven itself in 'always delivering' people within the Bijenkorf. They show that they can switch quickly and always think along with the Business. A great partner to work with.

Tim van Kralingen - the Bijenkorf

Dutch Crowd Security is THE partner in security. Well-trained staff, always punctual, always reacts adequately to changes and wishes of the customer.

Ato Karic - Ivy Technology

Very satisfied with the working method of Dutch Crowd Security. They provide professional and, above all, highly skilled people who understand their profession. Have used their services a number of times now. Whether it concerns night surveillance, events or personal security, we are extremely satisfied with the way this security company works. Making appointments and contact before and afterwards is also fine.

Harre van der Nat – Board member SP (Socialist Party)

Beautiful and result-oriented company. Reliable, fast and deliver what they agree. We have been doing business with Dutch Crowd Security for many years now.

Marc Jansen – JMF Filters

Dutch Crowd Security is THE partner in security. Well-trained staff, always punctual, always reacts adequately to changes and wishes of the customer.

Ato Karic – IVY Technology Schiphol-Rijk

Very satisfied with the working method of Dutch Crowd Security. They provide professional and, above all, highly skilled people who understand their profession. Have used their services a number of times now. Whether it concerns night surveillance, events or personal security, we are extremely satisfied with the way this security company works. Making appointments and contact before and afterwards is also fine.

Harre van der Nat – events (SP)

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