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Different colors of security passes: what do they mean?

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Every security guard must be able to identify himself during work. As a security guard you are obliged to show identification as soon as someone makes a reasonable request to do so. There are special IDs for security guards, usually called security passes. The Chief of Police Tasks Department of the police provides the passes.

There are different security passes, recognizable by the color. Each color represents a category of work that the holder of the security pass is allowed to perform. The card always contains a photo, full name, telephone number, date of birth and the permit number of the card holder. We give an overview of all possible different ones security passes and the duties and powers associated with it.

The green security pass

The green pass is especially for security guards in training. This pass is valid for a maximum of 12 months. The green pass is intended to enable new security guards to do an internship and thus prepare for the practice.

The blue security pass

A blue security pass stands for the specialization of security guards with a completed training as a catering porter or event security guard, also known as Event Security Officer. With this pass, a security guard is therefore not allowed to carry out the other security activities that are allowed with the gray pass.

The gray security pass

Security guards with a gray pass are allowed to carry out private security work. For example, securing buildings and properties, events, sports competitions and much more. You can see the gray pass as a kind of basic pass, or general security pass with which a security guard can perform most common security work. To get the pass, at least the diploma Security Guard is required.

The orange security pass

The orange security pass also stands for a specialization: this allows employees who have been trained as football stewards to work in professional and amateur football. Football stewards provide security for football matches. Both before, after and during the matches and both in and around the stadium.

The yellow security pass

This yellow security pass is specially intended for the professional group of private investigators. To get the pass, the Private Investigator diploma is a requirement. A private investigator investigates companies and individuals, and must comply with strict laws and regulations.

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