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What types of traffic controllers are there and when do you use them?

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You see traffic controllers more and more often during roadworks, events, festivals, but also on and around construction sites. Companies and governments use them to regulate traffic and thus ensure safety. How many species traffic wardens are there actually? And when do you actually use them?

When do you deploy traffic controllers?

Traffic controllers can be deployed for various reasons. First of all, of course, to steer traffic in the right direction, for example during a road diversion. Increasingly, however, it is simply mandatory. The government can enforce it at construction sites, for example, to ensure both accessibility and safety. 

At events, a traffic controller can guide visitors to entrances and exits or parking spaces. In any situation, safety and clarity are the keywords for traffic controllers.

What types of traffic controllers are there?

We distinguish four types of traffic controllers:

Professional traffic controllers

These are, as the name implies, professionals. Professional traffic controllers have followed training and are all-round employable in the field of traffic regulation. For example, during roadworks, diversions and the like. In addition, professional traffic controllers can also be deployed in other situations in which it is important to direct traffic in the right direction. For example, think of major events such as festivals, concerts, sporting events and much more.

Event traffic controllers

A more specialized traffic controller is the event traffic controller. At events with many visitors, it is important to properly regulate traffic. Sometimes there are detours, visitors don't know their way around or don't know where to park. In short, without event traffic controllers, there is a good chance that traffic around an event will become jammed.

Transport escorts

Another specialism as a traffic controller is transport guidance. Specific training is required for this position. A transport supervisor supervises special transports, for example the transport of hazardous substances or exceptionally long or wide loads. As a transport supervisor, you may give instructions from the vehicle, but also getting out of the vehicle to regulate traffic is part of the work.

Traffic sergeants

We also call traffic sergeants ready-overs and in Belgium they are called authorized supervisors. At schools and sports halls, they ensure that everyone can cross the road safely. From the age of 10 you can already perform the task of a youth traffic police officer.

Need traffic controllers? Get in touch!

Are you looking for traffic wardens for your company or event, a traffic situation or something else? Then take contact with us. We are happy to help you with the use of traffic controllers for almost any situation.

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